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" Bacchus we thank who gave us wine, which warms the blood within our veins; That nectar is itself divine. The man who drinks not, yet attains by godly grace to human rank, would be an angel if he drank." - Pierre Motin

Who we are.

Dalvina is a prospering winery with a collective storage and production capacity of 42,000 hl. We use a traditional délestage wine making process for our red wines. The latest, most gentle technology is applied from the reception of the grapes, as throughout fermentation, after which automatically controlled cap plunging enhances color and the capturing of aromatics. Our aim is to grasp the unique properties of the grapes, the soil and microclimates of the area, and forge them into liquid art.

The world we love.

And where we’re from.

Our vineyards and winery are located near the city of Strumica, south-eastern Macedonia, in the Strumichko-Radovishki wine region in the valley of the Struma and Strumeshnica rivers. The valley has a Mediterranean climate, and with an altitude of 380m, being surrounded by high mountains, a constant breeze visits the vineyards. The average temperature of the air in the period of vegetation is 20,2 Celsius centigrades, and there are about 210 sunny days averaging per year. With a multitude of sunny days, little rain, and a relatively low humidity of the air – healthy grapes are a main characteristic of the region.

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